“The idea was simple, create a space where people who love Halloween, horror films, Gothic, dark and moody music can gather for a meal and drinks. Sports bars are great if you are into sports, but what about the rest of us? Imagine a place with the same enthusiasm as a big time sports bar but instead everyone is celebrating, films, music and art? That is the type of places I want to create. A safe space where it really feels like Halloween all year round and people can come, enjoy good food, good drinks, listen to good music and feel completely comfortable to be as freaky as they want to be. This would be my home for the freaks, weirdos and grown up goth kids of the city.” Zach Neil

Beetle House is a restaurant and bar that pays tribute through food and drink to all things dark and lovely. Our dishes, atmosphere and drinks are inspired by films, music, art and literature that some may refer to as “Gothic” or eccentric. Our slogan is “its Halloween all year long” and that is true for Beetle House. The Creator and Visionary of the concept for Beetle house Mr. Zach Neil was inspired by the film works of Tim Burton, the music of The Cure, and the art of Salvador Dali. These things were a mainstay for him through his youth and played a big role in developing his tastes as an adult. Halloween was always something special for Zach as he was never allowed to celebrate it as a child due to religious beliefs enforced by his family. The whole concept of Halloween became an obsession of his for having not been allowed to participate. The works of the film makers, musicians and artists captivated and inspired him to create the ultimate tribute to Halloween which has become Beetle House. Teaming up with his childhood best Friend Mr. Brian Link the two set out to develop and implement the concept for Beetle House. Zach and Brian met Erika Fisher who owned a restaurant property in NYC and was in the process of going out of business, and pitched the idea of implementing their idea in her space. Erika loved the concept and agreed to install their concept into her building. Zach and Brian brought in the very talented musician, mixologist artist and makeup designer Mrs. Gia Farrell to create the cocktail menu and help elaborate on interior design and costume/makeup for the staff. Zach created the food menu with all original recipes. Gia created the cocktail menu and costume design. Brian sorted out the funding and logistics and Erika provided the space, management and daily operation of the business to implement their concept.

The first and flagship location was established at 308 east 6th street NYC and opened officially in June 2016 to six months of sellout nights with enthusiastic customers and rave reviews.

Now Beetle House has set out on a new mission to share the experience with others around the country. In the coming months and years Beetle House will elaborate on additional concepts, celebrate a more broad and detailed approach to Halloween (zombie culture, horror films, more music celebration and art shows) as it pops up as a non permanent location in cities including, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville, Seattle and more to come. You can expect to see themed music events, dinner theater, art exhibits and other artistic expressions as we utilize much larger spaces than our NYC location and keep pushing to create and inspire over food and drinks!